Our Journey


The company was founded in 2017 from four students at King Abdullah university of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia. Since then, we have committed to create the world's first laser-based grow lights in the market. Our technology is based on a KAUST patent where we introduce the next generation of grow lights to the market. Oæsis focuses on plant biology research and finding the best possible lighting configuration for optimal plant development. Our passion towards science and technology motivated us to form Oæsis's team which solves a problems that affect humanity. 


Oæsis will have a positive impact on Saudi Arabia and the whole world. Our mission is to help more companies, locally and globally, to improve their farms and provide to their customers the most fresh and nutritious produce. As well, Oæsis will hopefully inspire new local and global startups in indoor farming to enter the indoor market. In addition, Oæsis will help the Saudi Vision 2030 plan of reducing waste and providing better food using sustainable resources. We wish to see a future where energy is used as efficiently as possible. 


Oæsis provides a horticulture lighting solution that is intended to replace the current de-facto lighting technology, LED. Laser light is by definition coherent compare to LED lights. Laser technology has the potential to provide more light, while using less materials and emitting less waste of energy in the form of heat. The patented laser technology we use at Oæsis is the result of many years of research conducted by a team of renowned scientists at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.